Virtual Reality eXposure Lab   

   Virtual reality treatment for anxiety & phobias,  
  for children, teens, & adults, with biofeedback.     

New technology allows exposure treatment using Virtual Reality in our VRx Lab.


Blue Cross & Blue Shield adds Virtual Reality therapy as a covered service!

This means that subscribers of Blue Cross & Blue Shield, and their dependent children and adolescents, can receive VRx Lab services covered as any other approved behavioral health or substance use disorder treatment.  Co-payments and deductibles apply.

Virtual Reality

Exposure treatment, with biofeedback, offered for worries and phobias.

Immersion in VR can also increase concentration and emotional regulation.

Our VRx Lab provides VR Exposure treatment designed for children and adolescents. The VRx Lab is in a private, outpatient counseling office.  Treatment is confidential.  Virtual Reality (VR) immersion is fun.  No longer any need to rely on imagination for exposure.  3D digital simulations captivate interest and activate your senses.

The VRx Lab

Exposure treatment sessions are provided in a relaxed, professional setting, with 6-speaker surround sound and acoustic wall tiles for sound privacy.  Our chair has transducers to vibrate within environments.

Does your child or adolescent struggle with anxiety or phobias?

Do they worry about or avoid certain things or situations?

Does your child need to learn relaxation, calming, emotional regulation?

Cranberry Counseling PC is now offering services in our VRx Lab.  Our VRx Lab offers virtual reality experiences, with biofeedback, to learn to handle anxiety and phobias.  Virtual reality allows your child to be immersed in an environment similar to your child's fear or worries.  Behavioral exposure treatment, coupled with biofeedback and relaxation training, can be used in that environment to gradually replace negative thoughts and feelings with a positive sense about handling that situation without anxiety.

Virtual reality requires the use of goggles, equipped with a smartphone, coupled with computer software to manipulate elements of the environment.  The phone also connects skin conductance sensors (worn on two fingers) with the treatment.  The VRx Lab provides this equipment in a pleasant, confidential office setting.  The Psious software platform allows the VRx Lab to select from many virtual reality environments, to address anxiety and many specific phobias.

Research shows that Virtual Reality immersion exposure treatment WORKS!  This behavioral desensitization therapy has been used with success for over 20 years, to help reduce fears and phobias.  Now, with VR you can train to master fear, or to increase your concentration, emotional regulation, or relaxation, in comfort.

A typical VR Exposure treatment would be:

Initial VRx Lab Session

 Determine target worry or fear

 Intro to VR use

 Static scene

 Relaxation with VR

 Intro to biofeedback

 Relaxation with biofeedback

 Practice between sessions with biofeedback

VR Exposure Immersion Session

 Relaxation with VR

 Exposure: Scene 1, Scene 2, Scene 3

 Relaxation with VR

 Relaxation with biofeedback

 REPORT on progress in session, printed, FREE

Skin Conductance Biofeedback

 A 2-finger sensor helps guide treatment and shows stress levels.  A printed report for each session shows your progress.


VR with Psious lets us place a person in a virtual environment.  VR is an immersive 3D simulation, a digitally produced world, where feared events can be added.  A person can learn to manage their target fear by developing positive thoughts and feelings of confidence while in the scary place.  Digital environments appear real.

Psious is the most advanced Virtual Reality therapy platform in the marketplace today.

Therapy Beyond Imagination

See Psious's Blog interview with Dr. Hayes about VR in private practice

If you are a practitioner, considering Virtual Reality treatment,

If you are interested in reading more about our VRx Lab,

Visit the BLOG here.

Did You Know?

 Up to 20% of us struggle with specific fears to complex anxiety.

 Worries and fears can interfere with daily life.

 Worry tends to get worse when avoided.

 The avoidance behaviors can become a problem, too.

 With Psious VR, you can see progress in the first session.

 Your child or teen will not fight this technology for treatment.

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