Telehealth Sessions for MAT Recovery

Telehealth is a broad term, generally referring to a way of connecting clients with providers, when they are not in the same location.  This is referred to as: Remote vs. In-Person.  Electronic communications are subject to the HIPAA Privacy and Security rules, which require encryption if any Personal Health Information (PHI) is shared.  Telephone calls (land-line or cell), Skype or Face-Time, or other video conferencing software or apps are specifically not compliant with HIPAA rules.  Cranberry Counseling has partnered with Clocktree, to deliver secure. end-to-end encrypted, live video conferencing for remote sessions.  Only the client and Dr. Hayes can view the communication, and no recording is kept of the video session.  This confidential remote video session allows participation in regular sessions, even if you cannot get to our office.

Telehealth has been a "cottage industry" for many years.  Medicare set the rules for remote delivery of psychological services.  Prior to 2018, these rules restricted this service to areas formally designated as "underserved".  This was defined as an area where there are so few providers, and distance to providers is excessive.  Effective July 1, 2019 in response to the Opioid Crisis, the federal government passed the SUPPORT bill (Substance Use-Disorder Prevention that Promotes Opioid Recovery and Treatment fpr Patients and Communities Act).  A part of this bill, intended to reduce barriers to service for individuals seeking help for a Substance Use Disorder (SUD).  This bill allows the use of telehealth to help support recovery, particularly after discharge from a new Opioid Treatment Center (OTC) with step-down Medically Assisted Therapy (MAT), to maintain a continium of care for successful recovery and return to functioning.

This bill also requires all health insurers to cover Telehealth services, to reduce another barrier.  Cranberry Counseling will bill your insurance company for these claims.  You may be reponsible for any usual copayment or deductible, as required by your insurer.

Remote, Secure Video Sessions with Clocktree

Clocktree provides crisp, clear video and audio which make remote sessions almost like meeting in person.  We can connect for as long as we wish.  We can share notes, images and other documents before, during and after your video appointment.  Dr. Hayes will send you an "invitation" to your session, either by email or cell phone.  By responding to the link in the invitation, Clocktree software will be loaded on your device (if necessary), and you will then enter the "Waiting Room", where Dr. Hayes will meet you.

Clocktree is also used with colleagues as a secure way to send client referrals and consult with each other.