Stress Balls to Relieve Emotions

Stress balls are a great way to release unwanted or uncomfortable emotions.  Anger.  Worry and anxiety.  You name the feeling.  Often, feelings can build up, or can occur in very powerful ways.  Acting on these feelings is seldom wise, and will usually lead to negative consequences, which only worsens the unwanted emotion.  Punching bags, exercise, and other physical activity is often preferable for venting, especially since they avoid negative consequences, and can produce positive results in terms of feeling better psychologically, as well as physically.

Stress balls offer a venting strategy, in an unobtrusive way, which means that it can be used in most environments, for extended periods of time.  They are easily carried or stored, not very costly, and are usually welcomed by children and adolescents (and adults, too) as a coping strategy.  They are made of differing materials, to offer differing "feel" of the squeeze.  Foam balls are usually the softest.  Gel filled balls are more resistant to squeeze, and provide additional sensory experiences of a full fisted squeeze and changing colors.  Caution: do not puncture the gel balls.  The gel can be toxic, and the ball should be discarded safely.  Sand filled balls offer the highest resistance to squeeze, and the sand may be of differing materials including glass.  These are usually highly durable, but the outer covering should not be punctured, as the sand material will pour out.  If this happens, the ball should be discarded.  Stress balls should also be matched to the size of the hand that will be doing the squeezing.  Smaller stress balls are obvious choices for younger children, and usually softer ones as well.  Adolescents and adults usually prefer higher resistance.

The following are a selection of typical stress balls which are recommended for use here at Cranberry Counseling PC.  Links are offered for ease of purchase, but feel free to search the web for the stress ball that suits your needs best!

The golf stress ball is just the item for the golf fan in your life. The golf ball is perfect for promoting the company sponsored golf tournament or as a gift for your golf loving manager.

The gel baseball stress toy is more dense and compact than traditional foam stress relievers and is designed to tone hand and wrist muscles while providing therapeutic fidget value. Pick up a Gel Baseball Stress Toy and grip, squeeze, release and repeat.

This Red Gel Stress Ball is an enticing, hard to put down stress reliever that's made to withstand tough workouts. This dense, semi-solid gel ball can help to build hand strength and balance out tension.

Strong MoJo in respect to the power contained in each one coming from the city of Voodoo, potions and spells. They are 10 inches tall not including the colorful feather headress and adorned with glittering pendants. An instruction guide comes attached to the doll along with a white pin and a black pin. A Gris Gris bag is also attached and used to hold herbs and potions. Use the white pin for good and the black pin for evil or revenge. For Love- Pin the name of the person you love with the white pin in the heart and concentrate very deeply. For Money- Write down the amount and pin it with the white pin. For Health- Write down the health problem and pin it with the white pin in area of health issue. For Revenge - Pin name to the doll with the black pin- be very careful with this.

Designed with you in mind, we created this aesthetically pleasing stress busting must-have tool. What makes us stand out from our competitors?

6CM DIAMETER! - Designed perfectly for a comfortable grip for everybody!

EXTRA DURABILITY - A beautifully designed bag with motivational reminder "Stress Less, Smile More" embedded on the reverse side to remind you not to let stress ruin your day!

When your boss throws you a curveball, grab a Bean Ball - Baseball Face. This pellet-filled kickball will make you feel like you're in the big leagues. It's ideal for relieving stress, squeezing, playing a game of catch, or kicking around with your co-workers.

This Backwards Clock puzzles people as it runs backwards! Watch everyone do a double take when they look at this clock to check the time. Everything is backwards on this Backwards Clock. The hour, minute, and second hands move counter clockwise.

Flip the liquid in the Palm Tree Dolphin Paperweight like a snow globe and watch in wonder as the glitter, stars and dolphins all float gently back down. Watch as the two dolphin toys float and stay above the palm tree happily playing